Climate finance

When it comes to financing climate mitigation and adaptation measures, the central question in international climate negotiations is how to provide 100 billion USD on a yearly basis from 2020 onwards. As adelphi’s work on the issue shows, however, this is not the only interesting question by far. » more

Climate finance
Emissions trading and carbon markets
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Neue Handlungsspielräume erschließen: Die Notwendigkeit einer Außenpolitik für die Energiewende
adelphi brings expertise to dena panel for pilot project "Check-in Energieeffizienz"
Through the pilot project "Check-in Energieeffizienz" ("Check-in Energy Efficiency"), the German Energy Agency (dena) is supporting up to 30 pioneering renovation projects in hotels and hostels. adelphi is part of the selection panel, which will be choosing the most promising projects. » more
ICAP Status Report 2015 highlights three key factors for success of emissions trading schemes
Ten years after the start of the world's first carbon market in the EU, there are now 17 distinct emissions trading systems (ETS) in force across four continents. The new International Carbon Action Partnership's (ICAP) Status Report 2015 now identifies three success factors of ETS around the world. » more
Save the Date: 01-02 Oct 2015 International Conference on Climate Action (ICCA) in Germany
Municipalities play a strategic role in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the adaptation to climate change. To highlight local achievements and explore further potentials, Germany will host this year's International Conference on Climate Action in Hannover. » more
Decentralised multi-wire heating grids – appealing energy-wise, but also politically feasible?
Innovative decentralised heating grids have many potential benefits. They use renewable energy sources and promise to increase energy efficiency while also serving as heat storage units. But is there an expedient way of promoting such heating grids politically? adelphi is committed to answering this question in its new project "LowExTra". » more
The 2015 SEED Awards have been launched – apply now for one of up to 31 Awards!
Enterprises from Africa that incorporate social and environmental benefits in their business model can now apply for the 2015 SEED Awards cycle. For the eighth consecutive year, adelphi has been commissioned to manage the prestigious SEED Awards. The deadline for applications is 31 March 2015. » more
Learn from the prizewinners: Ten top tips for working on Natura 2000 sites
What makes activities related to Natura 2000 successful? What’s essential in the planning phase? adelphi has analysed the most successful applications for the European Natura 2000 Award in 2014 and reveals recurrent traits of good practice. » more
Optimising energy efficiency finance: adelphi supports banks in Sri Lanka
Staggering energy prices make business difficult for small and medium enterprises (SME) in Sri Lanka. But as credits for energy efficient technologies are not easy to obtain, adelphi consults Sri Lankan banks on reframing their evaluating and pricing process for loans. » more
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