Water and Energy

Water and energy are interdependent resources and crucial factors in social development worldwide. However, growing demand and unequal distribution give rise to acute shortages and conflicts of interest. » more

Water and Energy
Vulnerability and adaptation
Emissions trading and carbon markets
Energy transition
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Environment, Climate Change and Security in the Southern Mediterranean
Indo-German Financial Corporation: adelphi commences technical advisory services for IREDA
Over the next two years, adelphi will conduct trainings for the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) focusing on the planning and financing of renewable energy projects in India. The project is part of KfW’s technical assistance programme accompanying the fourth credit line to IREDA. » more
“Today, millions of people in resource-rich countries can hold their governments accountable”
Governance challenges of natural resource extraction are enormous. What can be done to improve natural resource governance? Stephan Wolters (adelphi, ECC platform) talked to Peter Eigen, a leading expert on the challenges of corruption in the sector of extractive industries, in an exclusive interview. » more
Climate Protection and Adaption to Climate Change: adelphi’s projects in light of the IPCC Report
As part of its Fifth Assessment Report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has called for important climate protection initiatives and for states and institutions to adapt to the impacts of climate change. adelphi projects are already putting some of these measures into practice. » more
Zero-energy house and olive pit briquettes: European EMAS Awards reward eco-innovations
On 7 April, the European Union awarded six outstanding EMAS-registered organisations for their recent eco-innovations. adelphi, hosting the European EMAS helpdesk, also coordinated the work of the international jury which selected the six winners from the European member state’s nominees. » more
Sustainable Business: SEED Initiative conducts workshop for young managers from sub-Saharan Africa
How does sustainable management prove in practice? What are opportunities for developing countries? In the framework of a larger training programme, funded by renowned private German enterprises, adelphi facilitated an interactice session with practical orientation for next-generation entrepreneurs. » more
Green Economy in South Africa: local sustainable entreprises create jobs and opportunities
Chances and barriers faced by sustainable companies were at the center of discussions at the recent SEED Symposium in Pretoria. In mid-March participants from government, private sector, media, academia, development, and NGOs exchanged their views on how to foster Green Economy in South Africa. » more
SME in the EU: adelphi explores sustainable welfare systems for the mid tier
As part of a wider project adelphi explores best practice and innovative patterns in providing social and sustainable services in the EU. The research also aims to uncover how networks of SMEs can set up systems to provide such services and which role not-for-profit businesses play in that field. » more
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