Water Diplomacy

Water diplomacy is crucial for preventing conflict and harnessing the benefits of cooperative water management. On Sept 3 2014, adelphi released an expert report at the World Water Week on how to enhance hydro-diplomacy. » more

Water Diplomacy
Sustainability Entrepreneurship
Emissions trading and carbon markets
Local Climate Action
New publications
The Vulnerability Sourcebook: Concept and guidelines for standardised vulnerability assessments
First volume of the new Climate Diplomacy book series released
The new edited volume “Conflict-sensitive adaptation to climate change in Africa” presents solutions for climate adaptation that specifically consider the conflict potential arising from the impacts of climate change. It is the first volume in a number of publications of newly established Climate Diplomacy Series. » more
Winners of the SEED Awards 2014 presented at the SEED Africa Symposium in Kenya
The importance of social and environmental entrepreneurship for sustainable growth patterns in Africa has been the main focus of the successful first day of the SEED Africa Symposium 2014 in Nairobi. As part of this event, 41 innovative sustainable start-up enterprises were honoured with a SEED Award yesterday. » more
adelphi convened panel on foreign policy challenges of climate change in the Pacific Islands region
What are geopolitical challenges of climate change impacts in the Pacific Islands region and how should we address them? How would a regional vision towards climate resilience and sustainable growth look like? With these questions, adelphi convened a high-ranking panel at the UN SIDS Conference in Samoa on September 3rd. » more
Climate mitigation in cities: adelphi organises side event during the Carbon Forum in Bogotá
The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in cities contributes not only to climate mitigation, it also improves the quality of life for city residents, according to the findings of an adelphi-organised event in the framework of the Climate Technology Initiative. » more
SEED Initiative as a successful example for “Global Partnerships”
adelphi presented the SEED Initiative as a successful global partnership as part of the Charter for the Future, which has been produced by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and central actors from civil society and the economic, scientific and political sectors. » more
adelphi at the World Water Week 2014: Meet us in Stockholm!
At the key conference on water issues, adelphi co-convenes a high-level panel to discuss the role foreign policy-makers could play in strengthening transboundary water cooperation. Moreover, adelphi contributes its expertise in the field of water security in the MENA region. » more
Vulnerability Sourcebook released: adelphi develops new approach for standardised assessments
In line with the growing importance of climate adaptation activities, there is an increasing need for supporting tools. With the new “Vulnerability Sourcebook”, adelphi and EURAC provide hands-on guidance for conducting standardised vulnerability assessments that can also be used for M&E of adaptation. » more
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