Climate risks and fragility

When climate change exacerbates conflicts and crises, resilience must be the compass for foreign policy. A report to the G7 Member States identifies seven compound climate-fragility risks and recommends concrete actions to address them. » more

Climate risks and fragility
Emissions trading and carbon markets
Climate finance
Sustainability Entrepreneurship
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Review and Monitoring of the Post-2015 Agenda. 6 May 2015, Berlin, Germany
Heat wave health hazard: "Aktion Schattenspender" advises senior citizens
Summer has so far been disappointing, but the weathermen are already predicting a new heat wave in the coming weeks. Although this is good news for most people it comes as a hazard warning for many senior citizens; because warm weather can rapidly become a danger to their health. On Saturday 27 June 2015, the Aktion Schattenspender (Shade Cover) will be advising the residents of Klausener Square on this issue. » more
US Secretary of State John Kerry welcomes G7-commissioned report "A New Climate for Peace"
Climate change poses a serious threat to global security, said U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in a recent statement acknowledging a report prepared by an international consortium led by adelphi. He also welcomed a newly established G7 working group scrutinizing the report’s recommendations. » more
Computer game makes young hoteliers and restaurateurs care about the environment
Separate waste right and get to the next level – this and other parts of the gameplay of The Great Green Hipster Hotel help trainees in the hospitality industry get a feel for environmental and sustainability management. Anyone interested in getting to know the game pre-release can register to be a voluntary tester. » more
New report for G7 indicates promising way to achieve a single carbon price
Three scenarios for globally converging carbon prices have been at the center of a recent study by adelphi. All three are linking different mitigation instruments and enhance the advantages of carbon pricing. The scenario which seems politically most feasible is at the same time also the most cost effective. » more
Qualified financing of climate projects: CliFiT seminar for decision makers from South America
Global climate change demands adequate climate mitigation and adaptation efforts on the South American continent. To ensure the necessary financing, adelphi worked out possible climate finance solutions with representatives of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organisation (ACTO). » more
Water management in the EU: new virtual marketplace makes know-how available online
To date, experts in the EU could not make sufficient use of the wealth of research results and innovative solutions for sustainable water management. Thus, the European Commission is creating a virtual, central marketplace, whose development is actively supported by adelphi. » more
adelphi at the Carbon Expo 2015: Meet us in Barcelona!
adelphi will be presenting the results of a recent analysis of the market for voluntary offsetting of greenhouse gases at the world's largest multi-sectoral climate finance and carbon market conference and fair. adelphi was also commissioned by the BMUB to organise the German Pavilion. » more
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