Emissions trading and carbon markets

In global efforts to combat climate change, individual states employ a variety of different measures. Market-based instruments, particularly emissions trading, are the most notable examples. » more

Emissions trading and carbon markets
Water Diplomacy
Sustainability Entrepreneurship
Local Climate Action
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Development and Application of Good Practice Criteria for Evaluating Adaptation Measures
New Climate Finance Readiness Training gets experts up and running in climate mitigation financing
If they are to implement their ambitious climate action goals, states must mobilise huge financial resources. So that decision makers and professionals can make best use of the great number of international climate funds and financing mechanisms, adelphi has developed the Climate Finance Readiness (CliFiT) Toolkit. » more
Broad support essential if Indian SMEs are to achieve sustainable production
In three rounds of discussions, representatives from Indian businesses and government agencies discussed how resource-efficient metal finishing can be achieved. adelphi organised these conversations for late September. An improved basis of trust between industry and government was just one of the agreed goals of the talks. » more
SEED Initiative imparts innovative methods for sustainable business in Namibia
At the end of September, management consultants from Namibia took part in a Training of Trainers workshop and learned of new consultancy and moderation techniques. Going forward, they will continue to support local micro and small enterprises in implementing sustainable business models. » more
Baseline study analyses how CSR standards for tourism include biodiversity criteria
An analysis of how measures to protect biodiversity are integrated into tourism standards and awards has been published by adelphi, ECOTRANS e.V. and the Global Nature Fund. The study for the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) draws conclusions for improving the current coverage of biodiversity in CSR standards and awards criteria. » more
SEED Symposium 2014 is a starting point for new initiatives for sustainable growth in Africa
Two days of intense dialogue, 41 SEED Award winners and three new initiatives for sustainable and inclusive corporate management: 2014’s successful edition of the SEED Symposium built up real impetus and established itself as a global conference at the intersection of international development and the private sector. » more
Register now for the Online Course on "Energy Management for Beginners"
Until the end of 2014, the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) will be promoting the guided introduction of energy management systems into medium-sized companies. To ensure that as many companies as possible can profit from this, adelphi will this November be offering three online beginner’s courses free of charge. » more
adelphi presents Germany's funding activities in the Renewable Energies Research Funding Yearbook
How has research on renewable energies been supported in 2013 and which sectors have been at the centre of funding activities? The new Renewable Energies Research Funding Yearbook 2013 provides answers. Together with a new online database, it offers a comprehensive overview of funding priorities and activities. » more
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