Climate risks and fragility

When climate change exacerbates conflicts and crises, resilience must be the compass for foreign policy. A report to the G7 Member States identifies seven compound climate-fragility risks and recommends concrete actions to address them. » more

Climate risks and fragility
Climate finance
Emissions trading and carbon markets
Sustainability Entrepreneurship
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Supporting gender-inclusive dialogue over natural resource management
How vulnerable is Germany? New study from Vulnerability Network assesses climate impacts
On behalf of the Vulnerability Network (Netzwerk Vulnerabilität) and together with its scientific partners and a broad network of government authorities, adelphi analysed Germany's vulnerability with regards to climate change. Scientists and decision-makers will discuss the results in June and debate the further need for research. Registration deadline: 30 April. » more
European Commission launches public choice award: Vote now for the Natura 2000 Citizens' Award
The 2015 edition of the European Natura 2000 Award enters a new phase this spring. Over the month of April, European citizens are being given the opportunity to decide which finalist project will be awarded with the first European Citizens’ Award. » more
Climate protection action group: adelphi recommends greater sensitising of energy consumers
At the inaugural meeting of the new action group, Federal Environment Minister Hendricks called for an ambitious implementation of the Climate Protection Action Program 2020 (Aktionsprogramm Klimaschutz 2020). adelphi's managing director Walter Kahlenborn advised on concrete measures aimed at producing climate-friendly consumer behaviour. » more
Climate Action in Poland and Germany – supporting local actors for more successful action
What roles can local authorities play in the development of a low-emission economy? How can local authorities best be supported in their leading role in these developments? The search for answers to these questions was at the centre of a high-level panel discussion organised by adelphi for the 27 March 2015 in Warsaw. » more
Renewable Energies on the Global Market: adelphi supports BMWi's renewables – Made in Germany initiative
Export-orientated businesses need comprehensive market information if they are to position themselves optimally in their target markets. adelphi and enviacon are supplying the German Federal Ministry of Economics' "renewables – Made in Germany" initiative with detailed target market information. » more
adelphi brings expertise to dena panel for pilot project "Check-in Energieeffizienz"
Through the pilot project "Check-in Energieeffizienz" ("Check-in Energy Efficiency"), the German Energy Agency (dena) is supporting up to 30 pioneering renovation projects in hotels and hostels. adelphi is part of the selection panel, which will be choosing the most promising projects. » more
ICAP Status Report 2015 highlights three key factors for success of emissions trading schemes
Ten years after the start of the world's first carbon market in the EU, there are now 17 distinct emissions trading systems (ETS) in force across four continents. The new International Carbon Action Partnership's (ICAP) Status Report 2015 now identifies three success factors of ETS around the world. » more
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