Emissions trading and carbon markets

In global efforts to combat climate change, individual states employ a variety of different measures. Market-based instruments, particularly emissions trading, are the most notable examples. » more

Emissions trading and carbon markets
Climate risks and fragility
Climate finance
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Analyse intégrée de la Vulnérabilité au Burundi
adelphi at the Carbon Expo 2015: Meet us in Barcelona!
adelphi will be presenting the results of a recent analysis of the market for voluntary offsetting of greenhouse gases at the world's largest multi-sectoral climate finance and carbon market conference and fair. adelphi was also commissioned by the BMUB to organise the German Pavilion. » more
Successful premiere for the first European Natura 2000 Citizens' Award
On 21 May 2015 the European Commission bestowed the European Natura 2000 Award on six nature conservation projects. The winner of the European Natura 2000 Citizens' Award was also honoured for the first time. They were chosen thorough a public vote involving more than 25,000 Europeans. » more
Rewarding green innovations: European Commission presents winners of the 2015 EMAS Awards
At the 2015 EMAS Awards on 20 May, the European Commission honoured six organisations for outstanding innovation in environmental management. The Awards ceremony took place in Barcelona as part of the 18th European Forum on Eco-Innovation. adelphi was providing conceptual and organisational support. » more
Market mechanisms provide new opportunities for local climate action: but higher capacities are needed
On 7-8 May, adelphi conducted the 15th Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) Workshop in Berlin. More than 70 experts from 27 countries discussed the possibilities and the challenges of applying market-based climate mitigation instruments in urban contexts. » more
European adaptation conference: adelphi presents the evaluation of the "Klimalotse" and a vulnerability analysis on Germany
New developments in adaptation to climate change take centre stage at the European Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2015 (ECCA). Christian Kind and Walter Kahlenborn are presenting an evaluation of the "Klimalotse" as well as current findings from a vulnerability analysis on Germany. » more
The market for voluntary offsetting is growing, but needs more transparency
Just how crisis-proof is the market for offsets in Germany? What are the pros and cons of the most-used standards? These were the questions that adelphi and sustainable tackled in their latest study. An additional guidebook provides consumers with tips on how to do offsetting the right way. » more
Modern strategies for sustainability: adelphi develops approaches "for a good life for all"
At present, Germany is concerned with numerous strategic action plans in the field of environmental and sustainability policy. adelphi, together with several partners, is helping the German government reorient its strategic focus and develop concrete recommendations for updating central policy principles. » more
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