Water and Energy

Water and energy are interdependent resources and crucial factors in social development worldwide. However, growing demand and unequal distribution give rise to acute shortages and conflicts of interest. » more

Water and Energy
Vulnerability and adaptation
Emissions trading and carbon markets
Energy transition
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Klimaschutz trotz knapper Kassen
New perspectives for German-Polish cooperation on low emission strategies
Municipalities are drivers of innovation in climate mitigation and in energy transition in Germany. In Poland, they are also becoming a force to be reckoned with. In a new project, adelphi will strengthen the exchange of experiences between both countries and support the development of new approaches in climate and energy cooperation. » more
Recent publication answers citizen’s most important questions on Germany’s climate policy
With the brochure "Klimaschutz in Zahlen" ("Climate mitigation by the numbers") the German Federal Government is providing information on its climate mitigation targets and the current status of emissions reduction in Germany. This information is aimed at the general public and presents climate policy in Germany in a clear and vivid way. » more
adelphi assess market potential for micro-financing of renewable energy in Asia
In a new project on behalf of the KfW Development Bank adelphi is assessing the potential for microfinance for small-scale renewable energy and energy efficient applications for low-income groups and small businesses in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India and Nepal. » more
Updated content, clear structure: Online hub on renewables gets an overhaul
The online portal offers an comprehensive information about renewable energies. Under the supervision of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), adelphi has updated the information portal’s key sections regarding laws and regulations. » more
New methods for stakeholder dialogues in conflicts over natural resources
In order to effectively prevent conflicts around resources such as water and fish stakeholder engagement is an important key. adelphi and WorldFish supported stakeholders in Cambodia, Uganda and Zambia to develop a conflict-sensitive method which was presented in Berlin on 8th July. » more
adelphi to conduct study on climate risks, fragility and conflict for the G7
As climate change continues to have an increasing impact on security, fragility and conflict, the G7 foreign ministries have commissioned adelphi, International Alert, the Woodrow Wilson Center and the EU Institute for Security Studies to examine the dynamics of climate risks, and to identify appropriate courses of action for foreign policy. » more
International experts discuss climate action in the building sector
As side-events to the Carbon Expo in Cologne, adelphi organised two events on climate protection in the building sector. As a result, the participants concluded that greater efforts on the project level are necessary for the development of more effective approaches to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. » more
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