Climate finance

When it comes to financing climate mitigation and adaptation measures, the central question in international climate negotiations is how to provide 100 billion USD on a yearly basis from 2020 onwards. As adelphi’s work on the issue shows, however, this is not the only interesting question by far. » more

Climate finance
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Energie sparen mit System
adelphi continues to organise the European Natura 2000 Award – apply now for 2015!
Today, the European Commission launches the second edition of the EU Natura 2000 Award. Any organisation or person involved in the Natura 2000 network is invited to submit an application by 21 January 2015. adelphi continues to support the Commission in conceptionalising and implementing the competition. » more
Planetary boundaries for environmental policy? adelphi looks at the prospects
The Earth does not have an infinite capacity; it sets narrow limits on human activity. But what kinds of challenges are set in the attempt to realign environmental policy in line with the concept of planetary boundaries? A consortium – led by adelphi on behalf of the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) – is pursuing this question. » more
Experts discuss the relationship between voluntary carbon offsetting and sustainability
How can voluntary carbon offsetting contribute to the sustainability of lifestyles and economic models? This was the key question at a conference hosted by the German Federal Environment Agency on the 10th of November in Berlin. adelphi presented a new analysis of the German market for voluntary carbon offsetting and offered organisational support to the conference. » more
Identifying climate risks, preventing damage and saving costs – the new Climate Check makes it possible
Climate change brings along global environmental changes which will undoubtedly be felt in the German economy. So that small and medium sized enterprises in the manufacturing sector can properly assess these climate risks and make best-possible preparations, adelphi and Prognos have developed the Climate Check. » more
New practical guide introduces SMEs to systematic energy management
Energy-saving production does more than just contribute to environmental protection and climate mitigation - just as much benefit can be found in reduced energy costs. With the new guide "Energie sparen mit System" ("Saving energy systematically"), adelphi is supporting the establishment of alternative energy management systems in small and medium sized enterprises in the manufacturing sector. » more
Create your own CSR strategy: adelphi develops guide for companies
As a multi-thematic and cross-sector CSR standard, the ISO 26000 provides various recommendations for practical application regarding central themes of social responsibility. adelphi has now developed a guide for businesses that simplifies the working with this international norm as well as the introduction of appropriate CSR measures. » more
New Climate Finance Readiness Training gets experts up and running in climate mitigation financing
If they are to implement their ambitious climate action goals, states must mobilise huge financial resources. So that decision makers and professionals can make best use of the great number of international climate funds and financing mechanisms, adelphi has developed the Climate Finance Readiness Training (CliFiT) Toolkit. » more
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