Development | Security
Security is absolutely essential for sustainable development and, conversely, development is vital for peace and stability. Both security and development belong to adelphi's core competences. We are an international opinion leader on environmental and security issues and advise governments and international organisations on their programme development. We evaluate early warning systems and regional cooperation projects, develop scenarios portraying the risks associated with global environmental trends, and develop practical methods of conflict analysis that are field tested by, for example, the United Nations. We support development policy's implementing agencies in designing and evaluating projects and programmes, and put these into practice all over the world. In developing and newly industrialised countries, we realise training programmes and advise organisations on building the expertise needed to make development sustainable. Our work helps political institutions to systematically implement aspects of energy and climate policy in development cooperation programmes.
Foreign and Security Policy
Foreign and security policy is increasingly concerned with the new risks in global change. On the European level, we use Delphi studies, risk assessments and scenario analyses to investigate future developments and challenges. We have drafted proposals and guidelines for a joint environmental foreign policy for the European Commission. Together with the German Federal Foreign Office, we regularly organise international conferences on the consequences of climate change for security policy. » more
Peacebuilding and Conflict Analysis
Sustainable resource management plays a major role in conflict prevention and peace building. The United Nations uses methods developed by adelphi to analyse environmental conflicts. The European Commission draws on our risk analyses of the impact of climate change. In Central Africa, the Near East and the Southern Caucasus, we have demonstrated the potential of regional cooperation as a peace-building instrument. » more
Early Warning and Disaster Preparedness
Natural disasters can occur anywhere and at any time. Early warning systems and preparedness measures are key planks in any effective prevention policy. In this area, we have evaluated the FAST early warning system for Swiss development cooperation and, as part of the Advisory Board for Crisis Prevention, advise the German Federal Government. We are drafting new concepts for assessing vulnerability for German development cooperation. We have developed innovative early warning methods and crisis indicators, for example under the EU's Seventh Framework Programme for research and technological development. » more
Migration and Rural Development
Migration is increasingly fuelled by environmental changes and worsening living conditions in rural areas. Working together with local partners in a transatlantic network of experts, we are investigating the connection between climate change and migration. On behalf of the European Commission and together with GIZ, we are developing an integrated and sustainable rehabilitation programme in the areas of southern India hit by the tsunami. » more