Andrej Stahr
Diploma (eq. Master) in Media Science and Communication Studies
Senior Manager

Andrej Stahr is Senior Manager in the adelphi office in Bangkok, Thailand. He provides support for business strategy development at adelphi by building networks with relevant organisations and designing joint projects. In addition, he is responsible for the administrative management of the Asia office.

Andrej has been a manager in the education sector for more than ten years. He has extensive experience with various clients in the field of education, including federal and state ministries, agencies and offices. He advises companies, organisations and educational institutions on how to implement sustainability in their training strategies and curricula. Open, experience-based learning concepts play a key role for him, and he is also experienced in designing these as interactive online programs.

“Valuing sustainability as an organisation offers the opportunity to gain competitive advantages and new innovative strength. The joint development of new knowledge, skills and perspectives is essential to this process.”