Annika Kramer
Dipl.-Ing. Environmental Engineering
Head of Programme Water

Annika Kramer is a Head of Programme Water at adelphi and coordinates the topic area of water. Her work also focuses on the fields of international cooperation, resource governance, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change. Annika Kramer has years of experience in political analysis and technical know-how. Her work aims to create a solid framework for sustainable water management and innovative technologies. In this regard, Annika advises national and international actors on effective strategies and the institutional, legal and political requirements needed for sustainable water management.

Annika has many years’ experience in developing and leading international consulting and research projects, particularly on behalf of the European Commission, various German federal ministries, and German and international development cooperation organisations. She is experienced in conceptualizing and evaluating projects and programmes of national and international institutions and has supported international negotiations and policy processes. Annika is a certified Capacity WORKS consultant. Her regional expertise ranges from the Middle East and North Africa to Southern Africa.

Based on her background in environmental engineering and long-standing experience in international development cooperation, Annika has built up considerable expertise in the integrated management of water resources and coastal zones. Her research and consultancy work particularly focuses on political, legal and institutional frameworks and socio-economic issues in river basin management, conflict and cooperation in water management, sustainable water supply and sanitation, and adaptation to climate change. Annika has conducted numerous projects and studies on these topics where she is regularly responsible for developing policies and management strategies, stakeholder participation processes, training concepts. She is also an experienced communications specialist, developing communications strategies and preparing communications products for different target groups, including background papers on environmental and development policy, practical guidelines for policy-makers and practitioners, as well as scientific articles.

Annika gained international work experience at the consulting company OneWorld in Cape Town, South Africa, where here contributions included a climate change adaptation strategy for the Western Cape region. Before joining adelphi, she worked for nexus - Institute for Cooperation Management and Interdisciplinary Research in Berlin, where she examined the various approaches to water privatisation across Europe and analysed public participation in environmental management.

Annika studied environmental engineering at the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, and the Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal, where she concentrated on water management, environmental economics and international environmental policy. While completing her thesis, she spent five months as an associated researcher at the National Water Directorate in Mozambique.

Selected Projects

Selected publications

  • Missing Links in Global Water Governance: a Processes-Oriented Analysis

    Pahl-Wostl, Claudia; Ken Conca, Annika Kramer, Josefina Maestu and Falk Schmidt 2013: Missing Links in Global Water Governance: a Processes-Oriented Analysis. In: Ecology and Society 18:2, pp. 1-10.
  • Assessment of RBO-Level Mechanisms for Sustainable Hydropower Development and Management

    Kramer, Annika; Oliver Hensengerth, Anja Mertens and Alexander Carius 2012: Assessment of RBO-Level Mechanisms for Sustainable Hydropower Development and Management. Vientiane: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.
  • Water Diplomacy and Climate Change

    Kramer, Annika and Alexander Carius 2012: Water Diplomacy and Climate Change. In: Tänzler, Dennis and Alexander Carius (Eds.): Climate Diplomacy in Perspective. From Early Warning to Early Action. Berlin: Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag, pp. 65-68.
  • The 2006 WHO Guidelines for Wastewater and Greywater Use in Agriculture: A Practical Interpretation

    Duncan, Mara and Annika Kramer 2008: The 2006 WHO Guidelines for Wastewater and Greywater Use in Agriculture: A Practical Interpretation. In: Al Baz, Ismail, Ralf Otterpohl and Claudia Wendland (Eds.): Efficient Management of Wastewater, its Treatment and Reuse in Water-Scarce Countries. Heidelberg et al.: Springer, pp. 1-17.