Ansgar Dietrich
Dipl. Psychology (qu. MA)
Chief Financial Officer / Authorized Signatory

Ansgar Dietrich is Chief Financial Officer and Authorized Signatory of adelphi. In his position on the board of managers, he is responsible for directing strategic business processes. He is in charge of the entire administration team and is therefore responsible for the areas of Controlling & Finance, Accounting, Project Accounts, Staff Management, IT, and Contract Management.

Ansgar Dietrich has over 15 years of experience in managerial roles at various non-profit associations providing services in the social sector. Until recently, he held the position of Authorised Officer at VIA Verbund gGmbH, where he was responsible for property development and managing the association's finances. VIA provides care facilities for patients with intellectual disabilities, operates day centres, and runs workshops for people with disabilities. The association also offers disability employment services, which assist people with disabilities in entering the labour market, in particular in the hotel, catering and events management sectors.

Previously, Ansgar Dietrich held the role of Funding and Allocations Advisor at zukunft im zentrum GmbH, a company mandated by the State of Berlin. After this, he took on the commercial management of Pfefferwerk Stadtkultur gGmbH, a youth welfare agency. He then went on to become Commercial Manager of the non-profit group VITA, which focuses on care for people with intellectual and physical disabilities, as well as providing care facilities and education. Ansgar Dietrich studied Sociology and Psychology at Berlin’s Technische Universität and Freie Universität, after which he gained a postgraduate qualification in Law and Business Management. In addition to these fields, Ansgar Dietrich also has extensive experience in the area of organisational consulting and project development, having handled several consulting mandates throughout Germany.