Anton Barckhausen
Head of Programme Energy

Anton Barckhausen is a Head of Programme Energy at adelphi. He is an energy and process engineer by training and has a specialist focus on energy and energy efficiency. Anton works particularly on developing instruments suitable for the market to promote energy efficiency while taking technical, political and financial aspects into consideration.”

Anton has been active as an expert in the energy sector for more than eight years. He has amassed a wide-range of experiences in the management of national and European projects relating to energy efficiency, with a specialisation in private households, the public sector, and in industry and commerce. He also developed expertise and studies relating to energy efficiency and regularly and personally advised the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) on the development of energy efficiency instruments. He possesses particular knowledge of the topics energy efficiency cross-sectional technologies, heat loss prevention and use, industrial energy management, and energy efficient home appliances, the EU Label, and eco-design for private households.

Additionally, he has years of experience implementing informational and motivational instruments, giving presentations, and advising municipal bodies on the topics of street and indoor lighting. He has further project experience in advising businesses on identifying and commercialising flexible electrical current output (demand-side management), on the topic of sector coordination, in training energy advisors and decision-makers from businesses on the topics of energy management and energy efficient cross-sectional technologies, as well as in evaluating economic policy funding instruments. Beyond that, Anton was the Chair of the industry working group at European Energy Networks (ENR). Moreover, he is also an internal energy auditor for energy management systems in accordance with ISO 50001 and is a BAFA registered auditor for energy audits in line with EN16247-1.

On behalf of the BMWi, he is currently working on the implementation of the National Top-Runner Initiative (NTRI). In that role, he focuses particularly on continuing education in specialised trade, on engaging the relevant expert actors from politics, associations, and businesses, and on supporting all project modules on technical and regulatory questions relating to the energy efficiency of products. He is also involved in further projects related to the topic of energy efficiency.  

Prior to joining adelphi, Anton worked most recently as a project manager for the German Energy Agency GmbH (dena) in energy systems and energy services, and was responsible for the topical field of energy efficiency strategies and instruments. He spent over seven years working on the “Initiative EnergieEffizienz”, a nationwide informational and motivational campaign, and was responsible for the content for the specialist target groups. His work there encompassed networking with stakeholders, giving presentations, and moderating and leading working groups. He also conceptualised and developed guide manuals, websites, online tools, and other specialist material. He was responsible for the ongoing assessment of national and European legislative processes, participating in national working groups, developing common positions on European regulatory proposals, as well as for reporting to the ministries responsible. He most recently consulted with the BMWi on implementing funding instruments for heat loss prevention and led an accompanying project supporting industrial firms in using the programme. At dena, he was also the energy commissioner and was responsible for carrying out internal energy audits in line with article 8 of the EDL-G (German Energy Service Provider Law).

During his engineering studies on energy and process technology in Berlin and London, he focussed on the topics of energy economy, power plant technology, and renewable energy.

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