Christian Metzler
Master "Economic Policies in the Age of Globalisation" (EPOG)
Research Analyst

Christian Metzler is a Research Analyst in the areas of green finance and green transition. His interests include, in particular, the design of governance processes in sustainable finance at the European and international level, where he supports the European Commission with its G7 and G20 environmental diplomacy, among other projects. In addition, he analyses the economic policy of the transition to low-carbon economies, where he can apply his sound macroeconomic knowledge.

Before joining adelphi, Christian worked in development and education cooperation as well as at an economic institute. At GFA Consulting Group, he worked as a student in the Public Finance Management department and was involved in acquisition activities, background research and technical support in backstopping, among other things. Christian completed a voluntary internship in the information centre of the German Academic Exchange Service in Santiago de Chile, where he advised prospective students, current students and scientists on academic stays in Germany. At the Institute for International Political Economy, he helped the management team organise scientific conferences and discussion events and supported their online communication.

Christian completed a Master of Arts in International Economics at the Berlin School of Economics and Law as part of the Erasmus Mundus Master’s Program “Economic Policies in the Age of Globalization” (EPOG). He also earned a Master de Droit, Économie, Gestion, Mention Analyze et Politique Économique from the Université Paris 13 – Sorbonne Paris Nord and Université Paris 7 –  Paris Diderot. Christian’s master’s thesis explored the effects of climate risks on the financial stability of economies and on financial market regulation. Previously, he completed the interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts in Social Economics in Hamburg and Riga. His undergraduate studies focussed primarily on macroeconomic approaches to development cooperation.

Selected Projects