Christine Meyer
MSc Geography of Global Change
Senior Manager + Co-Lead Green Entrepreneurship

Christine Meyer is Senior Manager + Co-Lead Green Entrepreneurship. Her work focuses on designing and implementing innovative approaches and activities that help green small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in developing and emerging countries to access financing. This entails not only targeted formats strengthening the capacities of entrepreneurs, but also the cooperation with local and international financing institutions, NGOs, consultancies, and policy makers to promote an environment that is beneficial for green enterprises.

“Green SMEs not only play a major role as job creators, thus reducing social inequalities – with their sustainable, innovative business models they also contribute to a greener economy, help protect the climate, and facilitate climate change adaptation. Through my work at adelphi, I can promote these positive contributions and help green SMEs not to remain exceptions, but instead to achieve enormous positive impacts through their large number and potential.”

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