Claire Belluard
Master of Public International Law
Junior Manager Business Development

Claire Belluard works as a Junior Manager for Business Development at adelphi with a focus on strategic business development and project acquisition. Together with her colleagues in the acquisition team, she is responsible for identifying relevant projects from institutions with a European or international profile, developing technical proposals, and concluding contracts.

Through her work at adelphi, she has acquired experience in the entire bidding process, from market research, to tender development and conclusion, and has refined her understanding of EU policies, especially environmental ones.

Before joining adelphi, she worked at a non-governmental organisation in Italy, where her main tasks consisted of administrative support, course and conference organisation (including the 2017 Sanremo Round Table), translation, research, and writing materials and reports. She had previously volunteered at another non-governmental organisation in Lyon, France, during a whole academic year. This was an opportunity for her to acquire experience in project management, in particular A-Z organising of a large international conferences. Through this work, she also gained leadership skills, as she was the head of one division and thus responsible for five people.

Before moving to Berlin, Germany, she lived in several European countries, including France, the United-Kingdom, and Italy. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Political Science and a Master’s degree in Public International Law. During her studies she spent one year in Belfast through the Erasmus exchange program. She wrote her Master’s thesis on the topic of “The Military Interventions against ISIS in Iraq and Syria”.

Selected Projects