Claire Belluard
Master of Public International Law
Manager Business Development

Claire Belluard works as a Manager Business Development at adelphi, with a focus on strategic business development and project acquisition. Together with her colleagues in the acquisition team, she is responsible for identifying relevant projects from institutions with a European or international profile, developing technical proposals, and concluding contracts.

Claire focuses on international development cooperation, in fields relating to climate, environment and sustainable development. She coordinates proposals on various topics, such as climate vulnerability and risks, adaptation as well as green economy, sustainable entrepreneurship and circular economy. In addition to her work in business development, she also supports selected international development cooperation projects for various donors and in different parts of the world. For those projects, she is involved in the conduct of climate vulnerability and risk assessments for different sectors, applying the AR5 concept of risk and the methodology developed in the GIZ Vulnerability Sourcebook. Claire is Capacity WORKS certified.

Before joining adelphi, she worked at the International Institute of Humanitarian Law, a humanitarian association working in close collaboration with many international organisations and devoted to promoting international humanitarian law and related subjects. This non-governmental organisation (NGO) provides training, capacity development and dialogue to government officials and civil servants, militaries and professionals of international organisations and NGOs from all over the world. Claire’s main tasks there consisted of administrative support, course and conference organisation, translation, research, and writing materials and reports. She had previously volunteered at another non-governmental organisation in Lyon, France, during a whole academic year. This was an opportunity for her to acquire experience in project management, particularly A-Z organising of a large international conference in the area of diplomacy.

Before moving to Berlin, Germany, Claire lived in several European countries, including France, the United Kingdom, and Italy. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Political Science and a Master’s degree in Public International Law. She wrote her Master’s thesis on the topic of “The Military Interventions against ISIS in Iraq and Syria”.

Selected Projects