Cosima Stahr
MA International Relations, Lic. Relations Internationales
Senior Advisor + Co-Lead Finance

Cosima Stahr is Senior Advisor + Co-Lead Finance at adelphi. An expert in financing sustainable development, she has experience in designing and managing international projects. When leading numerous projects in Europe and around the world, she brings her expertise to the table in cooperation with companies, the financial sector, the European Commission and various ministries.

Cosima Stahr is the director of the adelphi office in Bangkok and is currently in charge of government consultation for the countries of South Asia and the financing component for the SWITCH-Asia SCP Facility. This facility is part of the largest EU project for sustainable consumption and production in Asia. It helps small and medium-sized companies integrate environmental and climate protection into their business models.

“For me, social changes begin with a new perspective on our present – what needs to stay the same, and what needs to change? This is what my work at adelphi is about. The SWITCH-Asia program aims to strengthen circularity, environmental and climate protection and social welfare in line with the European Union's Green Deal in Asia.”

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