Dr. Marion Jay
Diplom Forstwirtin
Senior Manager Biodiversity

Marion Jay is a Senior Manager Biodiversity at adelphi. Over the past ten years, she has been leading European and German projects about the use of land and resources, as well as nature conservation policy. She further carries out projects targeting ecosystem services with a particular focus on urban green infrastructure. At the core of her work are the analysis of conflicting interests and the development and implementation of dialogue processes, which serve to raise awareness for nature conservation and facilitate knowledge exchanges between different actors.

Marion is highly experienced in the planning and management of projects for public sector clients. At adelphi, she is primarily tasked with working with the DG Environment of the European Commission, and the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN). Research and consulting are amongst her core competencies, alongside the moderating/leading of discussion processes and the development of user-oriented solutions and practical guidelines. She has comprehensive expertise in qualitative methods of empirical social sciences, as well as the development and application of different dialogue formats in order to facilitate knowledge and opinion exchanges between civil society, academia, practitioners and policy makers. Marion Jay is highly experienced in cooperating with actors from management and academic, as well as practitioners, on a municipal and regional level.

Prior to joining adelphi, Marion was a research associate at the University in Freiburg, Germany. Her work focused on forest ecosystem services in urban contexts. In particular, she examined issues of water quality and regulation, climate change, climate protection, as well as social and health-related aspects of forest and nature use. reviously, she also worked at the Forest Research Institute (FVA) of Baden-Württemberg, Germany on the dynamic of recreation and tourism practices in forests, their monitoring, and the correlating forest design and management options.

Marion completed her PhD at the faculty of Forest and Environmental Policy at the Albert Ludwig-University (ALU) in Freiburg. For her dissertation, she examined the social dimension of forest planning in an urban context.  Her main focus were the uses and perceptions of forests by people with different migration and cultural background as well as urban forests’ recreation management in Germany. Additionally, she was a research fellow of the graduate school “Environment, Society and Global Change” at the ALU Freiburg. She also holds a Diploma in forest and environmental sciences froom ALU Freiburg and the forest engineering school FIF–ENGREF in Nancy, France. Marion spent an exchange semester as part of the Erasmus Programs at the Universidad Politécnica de Montes in Madrid, Spain. Marion Jay was granted a scholarship of the German-French University of Saarbrücken, Germany.

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