Dr. Marion Jay
Diplom Forstwirtin
Senior Manager Biodiversity

Marion Jay is a Senior Manager Biodiversity at adelphi and co-leads the topic area of Biodiversity and Nature Conservation department together with Katrina Marsden. With political actors at national and European level, she works on the drivers of biodiversity loss and on solutions for land use, nature conservation and land use conflicts. In particular, Marion deals with stakeholder processes from the local to the European level as well as with knowledge transfer and the exchange of experience between practice, politics, research and civil society in species protection, protected areas, agriculture and forestry as well as green infrastructure.

“In order to protect biological diversity in the long term, it is important to strengthen the transfer of knowledge and experience in the course of political processes. In addition to analysing political strategies and instruments, we take a targeted look at the positions of various interest groups and support cooperation through dialogue in order to strengthen practical solutions and the implementation of biodiversity policy in the area.”

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