Dr. Minu Hemmati
PhD Organisational and Environmental Psychology
Senior Associate

Minu Hemmati Minu Hemmati works as an independent Senior Associate and is supporting the adelphi project Sustainability in international chemicals and waste management: Further development of SAICM beyond 2020, focusing on multi-stakeholder process design and facilitation.

Minu is a clinical psychologist with a doctorate in Organisational and Environmental Psychology, independently consulting since 1998 with governments; international organisations; women’s networks; NGOs; corporations; research institutions. Minu also does non-for-profit work with the MSP Institute – Multi-Stakeholder Processes for Sustainable Development eV, an international charitable association she co-founded in 2016.

Her work includes designing and facilitating change processes that bring together diverse groups of people in dialogue and collaboration. She also offers training, research, and advocacy. Minu has wide experience with multi-stakeholder processes at all levels; facilitating small and large groups; international policy making (sustainability, climate, gender); and the local and national implementation of sustainability strategies, climate action, and gender mainstreaming. 

She has published two books and co-authored another, and written over 50 articles, book chapters, and reports.

Minu is a co-founder of GenderCC – Women for Climate Justice eV, a Senior Fellow with EcoAgriculture Partners, and on the Jury of the International Resource Award. She was instrumental in setting up the SEED Initiative, co-coordinated the Stakeholder Implementation Conference, recently led the Climate Dialogue project.

More information: www.minuhemmati.net

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