Ernst Kuneman

Ernst Kuneman is a Consultant at adelphi working in the field of energy and climate, specialising in carbon pricing instruments and energy markets. At the Secretariat of the International Carbon Action Partnership, Ernst analyses emissions trading systems and facilitates technical dialogue among policy makers and stakeholders with a focus on Europe and Asia.

Ernst has managed and delivered projects with international organisations, national authorities and the private sector. He is currently focused on projects for the German Environment Agency on electricity sector regulations and emissions trading. Before joining adelphi, Ernst worked for the International Energy Agency in Paris, where he focused on energy-climate policies and electricity markets. Prior to that, he worked for the Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael where he co-authored several works on the security implications of climate change and political economy aspects of energy sector decarbonisation.

Ernst Kuneman graduated from SciencesPo’s Paris School of International Affairs with a Master in International Energy and from the University of Amsterdam with a MSc in International Relations. During his studies, Ernst specialised in energy economics, energy policy and political risk analysis and became acquainted with market-based climate strategies.

Selected Projects

Selected publications

  • Influence of market structures and market regulation on the carbon market - Interim report

    William Acworth, Ernst Kuneman, Stephanie La Hoz Theuer, et al. 2019: Influence of market structures and market regulation on the carbon market - Interim report. German Federal Environment Agency.