Gregor Grüttner
Conference Manager

Gregor Grüttner is the head of Event Management at adelphi. He is responsible for event organisation in its entirety, ranging from consulting, to event design, partner management, and production services.  

As an experienced event manager, Gregor has been organising a wide range of events of various sizes both domestically and abroad for the last 14 years. These have included the founding conference of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Freiburg Conference on the security policy aspects of climate change. The event spectrum ranges from expert meetings, to workshops, side events, fairs, high-level events, and large international conferences with the participation of government ministers. Gregor is additionally responsible for the coordination, logistics, and production services for the exhibition Environment, Conflict and Cooperation (ECC), which has been shown around the world.

Beyond classical conference organisation, Gregor also organises diverse supporting programmes. These encompass field trips and site inspections, as well as exclusive evening events. Gregor has years of experience collaborating with various government ministries.

Furthermore, Gregor also coordinates publications, including assessments, reports, and informational materials such as flyers, conference folders, brochures, and books. He additionally oversees the creation and maintenance of project and conference websites, blogs, forums, and network dialogues.

Prior to joining adelphi, Gregor worked as a project manager in the marketing field for ten years, where he was primarily responsible for advising and client support. 

Selected Projects