Héctor Camilo Morales Muñoz
Master of Science in Development Studies
Senior Advisor

Héctor Camilo Morales Muñoz is Senior Advisor for climate security and diplomacy. Héctor is particularly interested in how common environmental and climate security challenges can be an opportunity to enable cooperation and create social cohesion in societies. Part of his research and advisory work focuses on identifying entry points to bring solutions to climate security risks and assessing the contributions of climate action to the different dimensions of peacebuilding. He has more than ten years of experience in peacebuilding, migration and rural development with participatory approaches.

"The unprecedented challenges of our time, such as climate change and prolonged conflict and crises, need innovative and holistic approaches based on evidence. I firmly believe that the process of implementing sustainable transformation practices can bring co-benefits for economic prosperity and social cohesion. However, to achieve that and prevent new conflicts from emerging, it is essential to approach the solutions with a climate and conflict-sensitive approach, understand the local context, hear and support the local actors and their governance structures, and foster inclusive spaces for dialogue".