Jakob Gomolka
Bachelor of Political Science and International Relations (Cantab); Master of Political Thought and Intellectual History (Cantab)

Jakob Gomolka is climate diplomacy and security Analyst with a special interest in the geopolitics of climate change. He focuses on how changes in climate and environment threaten complex human systems and lead to mutually reinforcing crises. In response, he aims to contribute to foresight and anchoring sustainability. With experience in Brussels, Washington, and Beijing, one focus of his work is the role of the European Union in international politics, and in particular the integration of climate diplomacy and resilience into the EU's common foreign and security policy.

"The risks of climate change to our global order and security are immense. It is therefore important to properly assess and communicate the fragility of social systems to decision-makers. Resilience can only be achieved through multi-faceted adaptations, from foreign policy and development cooperation to trade and industrial policy. The challenges of the current crises thus also offer the opportunity to build better international governance."