Jana Hack
Master of Science in Sustainable Business and Innovation

Jana Hack works as a Analyst at adelphi in the area of Circular Economy. She mainly focuses on promoting principles of circularity along the lines of product value chains in various sectors. In international cooperation projects, she supports the development of regulatory frameworks and innovations for waste prevention as well as resource efficiency. Her main focus lies on the promotion of sustainable processes in the garment and textile industry.

Prior to joining adelphi, Jana gained experience in sustainability research and consultancy. For a Dutch innovation institute she developed a workshop element promoting collaborative action in the treatment and recycling of brine streams in the Rotterdam harbour. In Bangalore, she researched contractual security of workers in local smartphone factories as well as crèches and grievance mechanisms in local sewing factories for a local NGO. In addition, she produced the first sustainability report of an Austrian fair fashion label.

Jana holds a master's degree in Sustainable Business and Innovation from the geosciences institute of Utrecht University. The program was focused on sustainable innovations and entrepreneurship, change management, and tools to measure sustainability indicators such as Life Cycle Assessments and Material Flow Analysis. Her studies were complemented by additional courses in oceanography, gender studies, environmental ethics, and anthropology. In her master thesis, she researched the sustainability potentials of automation in the garment and textile industry. She studied geography as an exchange student at Innsbruck University. Prior to this, she completed a bachelor program at Reutlingen University in textile management with a focus on sustainable consumption patterns.

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