Jonas Restle-Steinert
MSc Development Management
Senior Manager

Jonas Restle-Steinert is a Senior Manager in the area of green entrepreneurship. His main responsibility is direct support for sustainable enterprises and start-ups in the global South through innovative acceleration and incubation programmes. He focusses on designing and leading capacity development measures and innovation processes. In addition, Jonas works in the field of green finance and helps promote financing for climate adaptation and mitigation. He has implemented projects to develop the private sectors, market systems, and financing systems in a large number of Sub-Saharan African, South Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

Jonas is convinced of the extraordinary impact responsible private companies can have on sustainable global development.
“I don’t see the private sector and sustainability as opposite poles in the global system. Especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are major drivers of innovation in emerging and developing countries. I want to contribute to a better use and promotion of their potential to fight poverty and develop in an ecologically sustainable way.”

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