Katarina Schulz
Master in Environmental System Sciences

Katarina Schulz is an Analyst in the field of climate diplomacy. She deals with climate foreign policy and resilience to climate change in the context of climate security.

Prior to her work as a Research Analyst, Katarina helped the adelphi climate diplomacy team as a Project Assistant on a one-year term as part of the the ecological federal volunteer service. In that role, she coordinated the digital information platform Climate Diplomacy and helped with the touring exhibition on environment, conflict and cooperation of the scientific platform Environment, Conflict and Cooperation (ECC), as well as the associated online version. Katarina was also involved in the organisation of international events and the design of information and communication products, including for the projects Planetary Security Initiative and Risk Analysis of the Lake Chad region. This gave her experience in working with national and international clients. Before starting her studies, Katarina spent time in Spain and Ecuador, where she worked on a reforestation project on the Galapagos Islands.

Katarina holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Systems Sciences with a focus on Economics from the University of Graz and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Heidelberg University. As part of her Master’s thesis, she explored the transnational effects of climate change on Germany, specifically the impact on commodity markets with a focus on the import of metallic ores. In her Bachelor’s thesis she studied the connection between economic growth and the use of resources as well as development-strategy impact of forest as a resource in South America.

Selected Projects