Katrina Marsden
MSc Environmental Change and Management
Senior Manager Biodiversity

Katrina Marsden is a Senior Manager Biodiversity at adelphi and co-leads the topic area of Biodiversity and Nature Protection at adelphi together with Marion Jay. Over the course of her career, her key interests have been the cross-overs and conflicts between land use and nature policy. One of her focus areas is encouraging coexistence between people and large carnivores through supporting participatory processes with stakeholders. Katrina also has a strong interest in the influence of policy change on high nature value (low intensity) farming systems. She is specialised in policy analysis from the European to the local governance levels.

“I am interested in the influence of land use policy changes on biodiversity and the landscape, especially high nature value (low intensity) farming systems. At adelphi, I can work on engaging stakeholders at different levels in policy-making and its implementation.”

Selected Projects

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