Lisa Schäfer
Master of Arts (M.A.)
Project Manager

Lisa Schäfer is a Project Manager at adelphi, working on local climate protection and climate governance. Her work aims to establish the European climate dialogue at the local level. Through her support of European climate exchange, Lisa is empowering local actors to become trailblazers for climate protection. Lisa consults and supports local communities, which are part of city partnerships for climate change, with the development of projects and programmes, networking and capacity-building. She is building on her extensive knowledge of EU institutions and politics as well as her comprehensive experience in the areas of policy framing and stakeholder management in the EU.

Lisa Schäfer's responsibilities at adelphi include advising cities and municipalities on the development of projects in the fields of renewable energy, sustainable mobility, energy efficiency and awareness raising. She organises knowledge management and mutual exchange and structures the bilateral climate protection dialogue on a European level. She is currently responsible for the area of municipal climate partnerships within a project on networking and joint learning with regard to EU climate policy. Moreover, she is in charge of project that aims at developing a Smart City concept for the city of Pirna. She is experienced in the design, organisation and implementation of workshops and other formats for capacity building and dialogue at European, national and local level.

Before joining adelphi, Lisa gained work experience in the area of public affairs, in advocacy for regional interests at the European level, and in the energy sector. Act Dr. Koch Consulting she advised various associations and local businesses in the areas of climate action, nature conservation and health, and also developed numerous communication strategies.

Lisa completed her master’s degree in Democracy and Governance in Europe at the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen and at Science Po Paris. Prior to this, she completed her bachelor’s degree in European Studies focusing on political science at the University of Passau. While working at adelphi, Lisa is completing her PhD at the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, focusing on decision-making processes and stakeholder management within the European Union. In this context, she has acquired profound knowledge of the theory and application of qualitative methods of comparative political science.

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