Magdalena Kloibhofer
Senior Manager

Magdalena Kloibhofer is a Senior Manager at adelphi in the Green Entrepreneurship Programme, focusing on supporting eco-inclusive business models in emerging and developing economies, mainly through the adelphi-hosted SEED programme for sustainable entrepreneurship. She is an experienced trainer and consultant, being responsible for the design and implementation of effective and user oriented enterprise support programmes, workshops and conferences for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and other target groups in policy, business and civil society. She is convinced that methodology is key in both meetings and trainings to develop sustainable solutions for our future economy and society.

“The quality of ideas we can develop and what world we can build together depends on working and learning together effectively and at eye-level. At adelphi, I directly contribute to innovative and professional methodology being applied in our capacity building programmes, and I experience the same spirit of collaboration within our team!”

Selected Projects

Selected publications

  • Leadership in Social Enterprise – How to manage yourself and the team

    Heineke, Andreas; Magdalena Kloibhofer and Anna Krzeminska 2014: Leadership in Social Enterprise – How to manage yourself and the team. Genf: World Economic forum.