Marion Müller vom Berge
M.A. Political Science, Auxiliary Historical Studies, Modern and Contemporary History (eq. MA)
Senior Manager

Marion Müller vom Berge is a Senior Manager in the Green Entrepreneurship Programme. She works on budget management for multi-year funding initiatives and projects with consortium partners. As the Head of Finance for SEED, Marion is responsible for the overall budget for numerous activities of the SEED programmes. SEED was founded in 2002 by the UN as a global partnership in sustainable development and the green economy. In addition, Marion has many years of experience in moderation and event management.

“The coordination of project resources, activities and goals is decisive to success, especially when it comes to large-scale projects. At adelphi, I work at the intersection between content-related project work and project controlling. This way, I can help ensure that even complex projects are implemented efficiently and effectively.”

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