Paula Cros Marchena
Master in Human Rights, Democracy and Globalisation

Paula Cros Marchena leads the communications for the Green Entrepreneurship team at adelphi. Before joining adelphi, she worked in various areas of communication in international and non-profit organisations. From journalism to press relations, including community engagement, she has experience in both internal and external communications. Her tasks in adelphi-hosted projects (SEED, UGEFA, Circular Economy Catalyst and others) include the design, planning, management and monitoring of outreach activities, such as social media, website, newsletter or media relations. Paula also usually uptakes content design tasks.

“Sustainable entrepreneurship is a hot topic in today's local and global agendas, and adelphi’s EP team is becoming an expert actor in the field. Raising awareness, communicating impacts and giving visibility to the players in the transition to a sustainable economy is key to an effective transformation.”