Pornlumon Nirachatsuwan
Master of Science, Forestry and Biodiversity Management

Pornlumon Net Nirachatsuwan works as a Consultant in the field of climate finance. She supports adelphi’s project portfolio in Asia, particularly in Thailand and Indonesia, on climate finance policy, climate-smart enterprises and the Impact Assessment Index. As a SEED Thailand Advisor, her work focuses on the Practitioner Lab Climate Finance and Policy Prototyping, and the SEED eco-inclusive enterprise Impact Assessment Index. Net gained previous development sector research experience at the Uganda National Academy of Sciences (UNAS) as a research associate.

"One of the many questions that I try to answer at adelphi is: How do we provide the support necessary for green and socially inclusive enterprises to scale up their impact and facilitate their access to climate finance? At adelphi, I have the opportunity to work closely with green and socially inclusive enterprises to ensure that we provide relevant support systems for them to increase their positive impact in sustainable development."