Romy Becker
BA Cultural Sciences
Senior Associate

Romy Becker is connected to adelphi as Senior Associate. She responsible for dialogue and consultation projects on the topics sustainable consumption and procurement, integrated product policy and labelling, corporate responsibility as well as finance and sustainable investment.

Over the past few years, she has concentrated in particular on the design and implementation of various formats of stakeholder communication, strategic consulting for effective public perception of labels, the climate impact of investments and national policy instruments to promote corporate responsibility in the European Union.

Romy Becker has several years of experience with the management and implementation of projects in the field of consulting and communication with national and international clients. Furthermore, she is certified Capacity WORKS. Prior to joining adelphi, she was working as a consultant in the field of corporate communications at the Berlin-based agency CB.e.

Romy Becker studied cultural sciences at the European University Viadrina with a focus on European Foreign and Security Policy, where she also took up a lecturer post after her first work experiences.

Selected Projects

Selected publications

  • Corporate Social Responsibility – National Public Policies in the European Union

    Knopf, Jutta; Walter Kahlenborn, Thomas Hajduk, Daniel Weiss, Moira Feil, Romy Fiedler and Johanna Klein 2011: Corporate Social Responsibility. National Public Policies in the European Union. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.
  • Was haben Kapitalanlagen und öffentliche Verkehrsmittel gemein? – Der Carbon Footprint von Kapitalanlagen

    Wendler, Daniel; Walter Kahlenborn und Romy Fiedler 2010: Was haben Kapitalanlagen und öffentliche Verkehrsmittel gemein?. Der Carbon Footprint von Kapitalanlagen. In: Ökologisches Wirtschaften 25:3, pp. 8-10.