Stephanie La Hoz Theuer
MPhil in Environmental Policy
Senior Projektmanagerin

Stephanie La Hoz Theuer is Senior Project Manager at adelphi. The focus of her work lies on international and national climate policy, particularly carbon pricing and emissions trading. Stephanie is also a member of the Secretariat of the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP), a network of 35 governments that share experiences and know-how on the design and implementation of emissions trading systems. As an experienced carbon market practitioner, Stephanie is able to navigate across various perspectives and interests, combining scientific and political expertise with legal and economic background knowledge. The aim of her work is to contribute to the design and implementation of carbon pricing instruments that effectively promote both the transition towards low carbon economies and the achievement of development imperatives.

Stephanie has 13 years of experience in the design and implementation of national and international economic instruments for climate change mitigation. She conducts research in the field of international climate policy for the European Commission, national governments and non-governmental organizations. Stephanie has a comprehensive overview of current developments in carbon markets and emissions trading worldwide and is experienced in the support of international negotiations and high-level political processes. She is also familiar with other aspects of environmental regulation, sustainable development and responsible finance.

Before joining adelphi, Stephanie worked as an independent researcher on the design of carbon markets under the Paris Agreement, investigating in particular the determinants of environmental integrity in international transfers. She authored several publications that helped inform the ongoing negotiations under the UN. Stephanie also worked in the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat for several years, where she drafted regulations for international carbon markets, supported UN climate negotiations and other constituted bodies, and conducted research on national and international carbon pricing initiatives. Before joining the UN, Stephanie worked for the private sector, where she identified, assessed and developed projects under crediting schemes such as the Clean Development Mechanism. Stephanie holds an MPhil in Environmental Policy from the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), with a focus on environmental law and environmental economics. She is also a Production Engineer from the University of São Paulo (Brazil).

Selected Projects

Selected publications

  • Sustainable development and climate action – Thoughts on an integrated approach to SDG and climate policy implementation

    Hurtado Epstein, Andrea and Stephanie La Hoz Theuer 2017: Sustainable development and climate action. Thoughts on an integrated approach to SDG and climate policy implementation. Bonn: Interconnections Conference of the German Development Institute.
  • Market mechanisms in the Paris Agreement – Differences and commonalities with Kyoto mechanisms

    Schneider, Lambert; Derik Broekhoff, Martin Cames, Sean Healy, Jürg Füssler and Stephanie La Hoz Theuer 2016: Market mechanisms in the Paris Agreement. Differences and commonalities with Kyoto mechanisms. Berlin: German Federal Environment Agency.