William Acworth
Master of Public Policy (MPP)
Senior Project Manager

William Acworth works at adelphi as a Senior Project Manager in the fields of climate and energy. His focus is international carbon markets and he is an expert on emissions trading. William is primarily engaged with the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP), a network of more than thirty governments and public authorities that share knowledge and experiences on emissions trading.

William has over eight years’ experience working in climate and energy policy, spread across public, private, and academic institutions. William has acquired strong skills in quantitative economic techniques, with experience applying micro-economic frameworks and using and interpreting macro-economic models. Working directly with clients to understand their needs, he has built small economic models and has developed policy indicators. Furthermore, he has conducted policy evaluations, cost benefit analyses, and developed organisational strategies for public sector clients.

William currently tracks policy developments in emissions trading in Europe and the Republic of Korea. He is a key contributor to the annual ICAP Status Report. Most recently, he assisted in the management and delivery of the ETS Handbook – a “how to” guide to emissions trading which will be used by both the World Bank and ICAP members in their capacity building efforts. William is also responsible for the implementation of ICAP’s training courses on emissions trading. 

Prior to joining adelphi, William worked as a research associate in the climate policy team at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin). While there, he was responsible for a range of international projects that assessed emissions trading in Europe and abroad. More specifically, he coordinated an international emissions trading model comparison exercise and assessed options for leakage protection in the carbon intensive materials sectors. Before relocating to Berlin, William worked as a manager at ACIL Allen, a leading Australian economics and public policy consulting firm. While there, he completed over 20 projects for Commonwealth and Australian state governments and for private sector clients. Specifically, his projects focused on the design and operation of carbon markets, non-state actors in climate governance, the impact of carbon pricing on carbon intensive industries, and improving energy efficiency in the built environment, amongst other topics.

From 2007-08, William worked as a research economist in the Australian Bureau for Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARES). He advised the government on emissions trading design, especially as relating to coverage of the agricultural sector and conducted an economic assessment of the vulnerability and adaptive capacity of agricultural industries and regions to the impacts of climate change.

William holds a first class honours degree in Resource Economics from the University of Sydney, Australia, as well as a Masters of Public Policy from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, Germany.

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