Zhibin Chen
Bachelor of Environment Economics and Management; Master of International Environment Policy
Senior Manager

Zhibin Chen is Senior Manager for Carbon Markets and Pricing at adelphi. The focus of his work lies on international and national climate policy, particularly carbon pricing and emissions. Zhibin is also a member of the Secretariat of the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP), a network of 40 governments that share experiences and know-how on the design and implementation of emissions trading systems. His focus is on international cooperation in building effective carbon markets in different jurisdictions and linking them, because he believes that a global carbon price will be the most effective solution to promote a low-carbon transition.

“Emission trading is becoming the mainstream carbon abatement policy in more and more jurisdictions. At adelphi and ICAP, we are willing to provide the platform and expertise to support the implementation and improvement of emissions trading schemes around the world.”