Local Climate Action

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Climate mitigation in cities and municipalities plays an important role in the fight against climate change. In Germany, it is mainly promoted through the National Climate Protection Initiative and as a cornerstone of the energy transition.

Everyone can benefit from climate protection at the local level. Those who invest today permanently reduce the energy costs for public buildings such as schools, sports halls and town halls - and thus relieve the municipal budget. Climate protection accelerates the modernisation of the infrastructure and the development of innovative technologies and creates new jobs. The local climate protection’s contribution to a permanent reduction of harmful CO2 emissions is at least equally important. In Germany it is therefore not only one of the six priorities of the National Climate Protection Initiative introduced in 2008, which intends to economically exploit the existing potential for a reduction of greenhouse gases and promotes innovative model projects. Local climate protection is also one of the fundamental pillars of the German energy transition. As a major focus of German climate policy, it will therefore be further developed in the coming years.

Important initiators in this policy area are the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) and the Federal Environment Agency (UBA). Through the Local Directive, the BMU promotes municipal climate protection projects and strategically constructed cross-border projects that will be implemented by the federal states, cities and municipalities. Since the introduction of the Directive in 2008, it has supported more than 3,000 projects in more than 1,700 cities and towns until October 2012. By 2020, all of the approximately 14,000 municipalities in Germany shall develop a climate action plan or implement such a concept

Strategic analyses, financing tips for practitioners and recommendations for politics

adelphi manages projects that are funded by the National Climate Protection Initiative or motivated by the new funding focus. The services include providing municipalities and the federal state with strategic advice on networking, knowledge transfer, training and financing instruments. With a comprehensive analysis of the policy area, moderation and process management as well as stakeholder participation, adelphi contributed to the strategy of the BMU with which the control, promotion and implementation in local climate protection was further improved.

In addition, adelphi has dealt with different funding models for climate protection activities in cities, municipalities and counties. This resulted in the manual was “Climate protection in spite of tight budgets” which provides financing tips and is aimed at practitioners and also gives policy recommendations as to how to overcome investment and financing obstacles in climate protection activities in local communities.

Finally, adelphi supported the BMU in its efforts to stimulate an international debate on approaches national funding for local climate protection and determine potentials for an international networking and learning process. In the context of this project, adelphi compiled a comparative study on approaches used in the field of CO2 reduction in local climate protection in a number of developed and emerging countries.

Within the project on climate change dialogue, adelphi is managing a consortium involving, inter alia, the German Institute of Urban Affairs, the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Heidelberg (ifeu) and the Climate Alliance, and will promote the development of local climate protection in Germany through exchange, networking, public relation work and consulting services for three years. The approach of the project focuses on networking, knowledge transfer, training, participatory processes and communication measures to supplement and deepen the already existing comprehensive technical advisory service in this field.

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