15 European cities prepare themselves for climate change

The EU scheme "Adaptation Strategies in European Cities" came to an end after a successful 18-month project period. Its achievements were celebrated at the Resilient Cities 2013 congress. adelphi had developed an educational series on preparing for the risks of climate change.


The consequences of climate change are particularly relevant for cities: Heat-waves in densely built-up areas are a threat to human health, heavy rainfall can overwhelm urban infrastructure, while storm flooding can damage buildings. City councils must therefore take necessary precautions to prepare themselves. In cooperation with project partners from all across Europe, adelphi provided further training for municipal administration staff on a variety of issues and aspects of urban adaptation measures – from the Atlantic to the Black Sea. Focus areas included methods of determining vulnerability to climate change, ways of anchoring the issue in administrative practice, as well as assistance for strategy and change processes.

During two intensive, three-day coaching sessions on site, expert from adelphi Jurga Tallat-Kelpsaite advised the city councils of Lahti (Finland) and Vilnius (Lithuania), with the participation of a variety of stakeholders. The events made it possible to lay solid foundations for jointly developing an adaptation strategy. The specialist consultation also comprised workshops at a European level, which allowed staff-members to exchange ideas with colleagues from other municipalities facing similar challenges.