Investors' opinion on EU Taxonomy wanted: The European Sustainable Finance Survey 2022

24/05/2022 The European Sustainable Finance Survey explores financial institutions’ use of the EU taxonomy. This year, the focus is on asset owners and asset managers. As in the past two years, the survey is implemented by adelphi on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment.

A turning point in foreign policy – including in the Global South

19/05/2022 by Janani Vivekananda & Benjamin Pohl, Heads of Programme Climate Diplomacy and Security at adelphi

G7 foreign ministers issue statement on climate, environment, peace and security

18/05/2022 The G7 agreed on a declaration recognising the impacts of the climate and biodiversity crises as a threat to international peace and stability. This common position paves the way for enhanced multilateral action on climate security, a result adelphi is proud to have worked towards for many years.

Interview on the New European Bauhaus: “How do we operationalise aesthetics?”

16/05/2022 With the “New European Bauhaus” initiative, the EU wants to (re)design beautiful, sustainable and integrative places throughout Europe. Iva Radić-Capuani, an analyst in the field of urban transformation and municipal climate protection, explains adelphi’s role in selecting local projects.

7 questions for the G7: Superforecasting climate-fragility risks for the coming decade

12/05/2022 How will climate change affect peace and security in the near future? A new study by the Weathering Risk Initiative analyses seven central questions for the coming decade using the "superforecasting" method. Its findings are not only of interest to the G7.

SEED and SMEs: Celebrating 20 years of promoting a sustainable future together

28/04/2022 20 years ago, SEED was founded. Since then, the global partnership, for which adelphi is the project sponsor, has been promoting sustainable development and the green economy worldwide.

Introducing the new „Circular Economy Catalyst”

26/04/2022 adelphi and the IKEA Foundation, in collaboration with SEED, are working together to unlock the potential of circular economy entrepreneurship to design sustainable businesses and partnerships that foster inclusive and regenerative economies in India and Kenya.

New ICAP Status Report 2022: latest developments in emissions trading systems worldwide

29/03/2022 ICAP’s Emissions Trading Worldwide: Status Report 2022 demonstrates how ETS is proliferating across the globe, progressively expanding into new sectors, and aligning with net-zero goals.

Water as a resource is becoming scarce - also in Germany

22/03/2022 The scarcity of global water resources is the focus of this year's United Nations World Water Day. The effects of an accelerated energy transition, which partly result from the Russian War on Ukraine, are exacerbating the challenge. Researchers show how it can be met.

Improving global communication on biodiversity

15/03/2022 Most consumers are still unaware of how their consumption relates to the global decline in biodiversity. A new online communication toolkit, which adelphi helped develop, will change the global conversation about biodiversity.