Policy roundtables and B2B fair on sustainable silk held in Tajikistan

14/06/2021 Woven ikat textiles made of silk are a cultural heritage in Central Asia, but market forces have put the craft at risk. A three-day fair dedicated to reviving ikat fabrics in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan took place in Dushanbe in early June. adelphi co-organised the event.

Heat, floods, species change: Conference on Climate Impact & Risk Assessment for Germany

09/06/2021 The final conference on the Climate Impact and Risk Assessment 2021 for Germany will take place on 14 June 2021. What are the effects of climate change? How will risks develop by the end of the century? Where can effective climate change adaptation take place? Find out more at the conference.

adelphi launches new flagship assessment of climate-driven conflict risks

03/06/2021 The Weathering Risk methodology combines state-of-the art qualitative and quantitative analysis to create detailed scenario plans and identify entry points for addressing instability caused by the climate crisis.

More than 220 applications in the second call of the European City Facility

31/05/2021 On 31 May 2021, the European City Facility (EUCF) celebrated the successful closing of its second call with more than 220 applications from municipalities and local authorities across Europe.

A good day for the climate: 1.5 degree lifestyle project kicks off

31/05/2021 Fighting climate change with changing lifestyles – researchers and practitioners from seven European countries will explore possibilities of transforming lifestyles to support climate goals.

Successful Start for adelphi’s Contribution to the Ocean Innovation Challenge

06/05/2021 In March 2021, adelphi was awarded by the UN Development Programme and the Ocean Innovation Challenge to design an Extended Producer Responsibility scheme for plastic and packaging waste in the Maldives. The inception workshop showed high-level commitment by the Government stakeholders.

adelphi Expands Fight against Marine Litter

16/04/2021 Two new projects in the Caribbean and the Maldives help reduce the amount of plastic waste and stop it from being dumped in the ocean.

RenOnBill Introduces Business Models for the European Market

07/04/2021 With its “Renovation Wave” the European Commission made energy efficiency renovations of residential buildings a priority of the European Green New Deal. This means that financing models promoting this development are increasingly in demand. RenOnBill fills this gap.

European City Facility: Start of the Second Call for Applications

29/03/2021 After a successful first call with more than 250 applications from municipalities, local authorities and their groupings across Europe at the end of last year, the European City Facility opens its second call for applications from 29 March to 31 May 2021 with increased resources.

World Water Day 2021: New tools from research make the value of water more visible

19/03/2021 The focus of World Water Day on March 22 is the value of water. How can this value be defined and made more visible in order to better protect global water resources? Twelve research projects supported by the GRoW programme show how water can be used more sustainably.