New IPCC synthesis report: "The investment gap is immense"

21/03/2023 In their latest report, IPCC scientists warn that the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Agreement could be missed without drastic action. This could already be the case in the first half of the 2030s. Dennis Tänzler, climate policy expert at adelphi, takes a clear stance on this.

Green Entrepreneurship Awards 2023: Calls for applications now open!

20/02/2023 Eco-inclusive small and medium-sized enterprises can now apply for the "Green Entrepreneurship Awards" and, with a bit of luck, receive extensive support from SEED.

Rebuilding Ukraine: A green post-war recovery

03/02/2023 Russia’s aggression has damaged or completely destroyed large parts of Ukraine. Rebuilding the country will take many years and is by no means an easy task. In a new publication, adelphi proposes several principles for the green reconstruction of Ukraine.

Portugal dreams of the MAR

18/01/2023 Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) is the targeted replenishment of groundwater reservoirs in preparation for dry times. adelphi is on a mission: to convince the countries on the Mediterranean Sea of the numerous advantages of MAR.

Change in leadership and a new business field at adelphi

09/01/2023 Dr Constanze Haug has been appointed as the new Managing Director of adelphi – Europe’s leading independent think-and-do tank. The climate policy expert has taken over the position from adelphi co-founder Alexander Carius. There is more: adelphi is also opening up a new, important business field.

adelphi annual review 2022: We’re just getting started!

23/12/2022 An eventful year lies behind us: the pandemic, crises and war in Europe. Despite the obstacles, however, we have again achieved transformative change and strived to create a sustainable future for generations to come. Here are a few of our many adelphi highlights.

After COP15: Will Biodiversity be Back in Business?

21/12/2022 Everything we value and depend on in life depends on nature: a stable climate, food, security, health, economy, culture and livelihoods. Halting and reversing nature loss is therefore also a critical business issue. An assessment of the CBD COP15 outcome.

A New Deal for Nature? What to expect from the UN Biodiversity Conference in Montreal

12/12/2022 At the UN Biodiversity Summit in Montreal, states and conservationists hope to seal nothing less than a breakthrough deal to stop biodiversity loss, which in combination with climate change constitutes the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced.

Start of negotiations on a global plastics agreement

28/11/2022 In the south of Uruguay, in the small town of Punta del Este, the first meeting of states will take place at the end of November, marking the start of a marathon of negotiations on an internationally legally binding instrument to combat plastic pollution. adelphi explains why this is so important.

After the COP27: Results and Players to Watch

22/11/2022 As it should, COP27 focused on implementation. States finally agreed to establish the long-awaited loss and damage fund. But they missed the chance to deliver additional action to keep 1.5°C within reach. adelphi-expert Dennis Tänzler assesses the outcome.