CONNECTED: News from the Transatlantic Climate Bridge

10/02/2011 Transatlantic climate and energy policies are the focus of CONNECTED – a newsletter from adelphi and the Worldwatch Institute that published its first edition today.

Alumni of the International Leadership Training distinguished

07/02/2011 The German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and adelphi applaude 25 environment and sustainability experts from Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia on successfully completing their 12-month advanced training in line with the “International Leadership Trainings (ILT)".

adelphi supports Integrated Waste Management in Algeria

03/02/2011 Inadequate waste management in Algeria leads to environmental impacts such as air pollution, soil, ground and surface water contamination, and incorporates sanitary risks for the local population. Algerian municipalities therefore aim for an integrated waste and resource management system, including prevention, recycling, treatment, and sanitary disposal of their wastes.

Inadequate supply of natural resources endangers German economy

26/01/2011 Increasing trade restrictions and market interferences on the global commodity markets have a negative impact on the supply of important natural resources. On behalf of the KfW bank group, adelphi and the Institute for Future Studies and Technology Assessment (IZT) are analysing the critical supply of minerals for the German industry.

Annual book “Global Compact Germany 2010“ published

24/01/2011 “Resource conflicts” and “crisis regions”, as well as the role corporate responsibility may have in this regard, are central to the new edition of the German UN Global Compact annual book. Two articles from Dr. Moira Feil, Achim Maas and Lukas Ruettinger (adelphi) point out the roles and r

adelphi continues to run the EMAS Helpdesk

21/01/2011 On behalf of the European Commission adelphi will continue to lead the EMAS Helpdesk in 2011, providing extensive information on the European environmental management system to various interest groups such as companies, associations, environmental organisations and the public.

adelphi joins UN Global Compact

20/01/2011 With its accession to the world's largest network for corporate responsibility, adelphi aims to promote the dialogue on social responsibility and sustainable development and actively support ongoing processes.

adelphi develops practical guidance for the use of EMAS and CSR-codes

19/01/2011 The investigation and analysis of performance indicators is crucial for organisations, in the implementation and monitoring of sustainability goals as well as for reporting on achieved performance goals.

German-Chinese expert dialogue on the "green economy"

18/01/2011 Innovative policies for a "green economy" are the centre of an event with high-ranking representatives from Germany and China organised by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and adelphi.

Emission trading and competitiveness: more chances than risks?

10/01/2011 The linking of emission trading systems (ETS) can be a powerful means to address competitiveness concerns of industries that fall under an ETS.