adelphi supports Indian companies in recycling electronic waste

16/03/2010 The E-Waste Channel project aims to increase eWaste recycling efficiency, reduce environmental degradation and improve workers health and safety conditions.

The Peace and Conflict Research Working Group convened in Hamburg for their Annual Meeting

08/03/2010 This year’s event centered on climate change and it´s possible consequences for people to live peacefully together.

EMAS Helpdesk lead-managed by adelphi

04/03/2010 On behalf of the EU Commission, the Helpdesk provides various stakeholders such as companies, associations, environmental organizations and interested public members with extensive information towards the European environmental management system.

The International Leadership Training (ILT) Launch in Saarbrücken

01/03/2010 The annual training programme on water and energy for specialists and executives from around the world is part of several broader InWEnt Capacity Building programmes.

New Capacity Building Project to increase energy efficiency in Nepal

26/02/2010 A new training programme for Nepalese professionals and managers will begin in early March with a planning workshop in Kathmandu

Events for the five SEED Gold Winners were a great success

22/02/2010 The SEED Awards are annually awarded to support local environmental and development projects and are committed to philanthropic ideals and full engagement.

Re-launch of the Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation-Platform

16/02/2010 The information platform “Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation” (ECC) now appears with a new expanded range of topics and attractive design.

Adelphi supports the European Commission´s CSR activities

15/02/2010 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gained a strong, influential role in the last few years.The EU Commission wishes to further promote the development of CSR and therefore founded the CSR High-Level Group, which is composed of representatives from EU Member States.

New OSCE Study examines the impacts of climate change on peace and security

11/02/2010 adelphi, Chatham House and CIMERA prepared a research study on the possible risks and impacts of climate change that are destabilising the effects of peace and security in four OSCE regions.

adelphi trains young professionals from the Middle East, North Africa and Latin America

08/02/2010 From February 2010 to January 2011, 28 young professionals from private and public institutions in Latin America and the MENA region will participate in the International Leadership Training (ILT).