Report on the geopolitics of decarbonisations shows new pathways for EU foreign policy

03/07/2020 To decarbonize Europe a reshaping of EU external relations is key. The report shows possible pathways for cooperation, and presents five areas of action to address the foreign policy challenges of decarbonisation: trade, finance, education, security – in addition to climate and energy policy.

Berlin Climate and Security Conference Kicks Off Major New Risk Assessment

25/06/2020 This year the high-level event, which featured statements from over 14 foreign ministers, heads of state, and UN chiefs, explored the steps necessary to ensure we build a climate- and conflict-sensitive post-COVID world.

10 Insights into Climate Impacts and Peace

22/06/2020 A new report for policymakers provides an overview of the growing research on the links between climate change, security and peace.

First virtual study trip with the USA

16/06/2020 Offshore wind energy has been available off Germany’s coasts for ten years now – what successes, failures and insights can be drawn from the last decade? This was one of the key questions of the first virtual study trip within the energy policy dialogue between the USA and Germany.

Energy renovations for residential buildings: A look at four markets

10/06/2020 Renovating residential buildings to improve their energy efficiency benefits the climate as well as tenants and owners. The H2020 project RenOnBill has analysed market trends and legal, social and financial conditions for energy renovations in four EU countries.

Launch: Regional consultation on climate change and security in South-Eastern Europe

28/05/2020 What security challenges will climate change bring to South-Eastern Europe? Some 80 participants representing a wide variety of sectors and stakeholders from the OSCE participating states convened on 27 May 2020 in an online webinar to discuss climate change and security in the region.

Climate Change Mitigation – A Question of Finances?

27/05/2020 Climate change mitigation needs to be designed in a socially just way. A comprehensive final report provides numerous recommendations for policy action.

Support for municipalities & local authorities investing in sustainable energy: apply now!

25/05/2020 From 25 May to 2 October 2020, municipalities and local authorities located in the European Union and the UK have the opportunity to apply online to receive financial and technical support from the European City Facility.

Korean-German Energy Partnership Takes Up Work With Endorsement of Roadmap

15/05/2020 On 12 May 2020, Germany and Korea defined the framework for future bilateral cooperation within the Korean-German Energy Partnership in a roadmap.

Eco-Inclusive Enterprises in Developing Countries Innovating to Fight COVID-19

27/04/2020 The pandemic is impacting businesses: disruptions in supply chains, financial losses, layoffs. But sometimes crisis breeds positivity as well. Some enterprises in developing and emerging countries are finding solutions to keep themselves afloat and solving problems their communities are facing.