Eco-Inclusive Enterprises in Developing Countries Innovating to Fight COVID-19

27/04/2020 The pandemic is impacting businesses: disruptions in supply chains, financial losses, layoffs. But sometimes crisis breeds positivity as well. Some enterprises in developing and emerging countries are finding solutions to keep themselves afloat and solving problems their communities are facing.

European City Facility launches its first call for applications on 25 May 2020

07/04/2020 During a successful webinar with more than 1000 registered participants, the calls for applications have been announced. The first call will open on 25 May 2020 with a deadline on 2 October 2020.

Changes in course needed for UN scheme to address aviation emissions

07/04/2020 A new UN scheme requires airlines to compensate part of their CO2 emissions from 2021 onwards. A recent decision clarified which carbon credits can be used in the first three years. Our analysis shows that, under these rules, the scheme is unlikely to reduce emissions.

Webinar: The European City Facility explained

25/03/2020 The new European City Facility invites municipalities and local authorities to participate in its webinar on 7 April 2020 to obtain more information on how the facility can support their sustainable energy investment projects.

World Water Day: Sustainable water management as a key for adapting to climate risks

22/03/2020 The climate crisis includes a water crisis – threatening global food and energy security. Scientists and practitioners involved in “Water as a Global Resource” are calling on politicians to take action: make sustainable water management a bigger focus of climate adaptation efforts.

How to Make Asia’s Textile and Apparel Sector More Sustainable

10/03/2020 Current practices and consumption behaviour in the textile and apparel sector are causing environmental and social issues. To address action gaps regarding sustainable consumption and production in Southeast and Central Asia, adelphi has published an extensive report.

Official launch of the European City Facility

19/02/2020 The second day of the Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum with a record of more than 600 participants ended on a high note with the successful launch of the European City Facility (EUCF).

New edition of the guide "Energy management systems in practice"

19/02/2020 A valuable tool for companies to continuously improve their energy efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Identifying, understanding and influencing future trends

19/02/2020 Those who recognize trends early on can understand and choose to act instead of react. adelphi and its partners are developing and improving processes for looking into the future. This includes the big picture as well as the in-depth analysis of individual trends.

Roundtable series “Climate, environment, peace: Priorities for EU external action"

19/02/2020 The European Green Deal has put climate change in focus of EU action. However, it is not yet clear how the EU can engage in climate security and environmental peacemaking. In the run-up to the German EU Council Presidency, adelphi and its partners are organising a roundtable series on the topic.