Identifying, understanding and influencing future trends

19/02/2020 Those who recognize trends early on can understand and choose to act instead of react. adelphi and its partners are developing and improving processes for looking into the future. This includes the big picture as well as the in-depth analysis of individual trends.

Roundtable series “Climate, environment, peace: Priorities for EU external action"

19/02/2020 The European Green Deal has put climate change in focus of EU action. However, it is not yet clear how the EU can engage in climate security and environmental peacemaking. In the run-up to the German EU Council Presidency, adelphi and its partners are organising a roundtable series on the topic.

adelphi helps bring climate security to the Munich Security Conference

18/02/2020 Janani Vivekananda speaks on climate change and food security at the Munich Security Conference.

New RenOnBill publication: overview of on-bill buildings energy renovation schemes

14/01/2020 On-bill schemes are a powerful tool for financing energy efficiency in residential buildings. A new report by the RenOnBill project gives an introduction and sets the background for its future work.

Sustainable hydrogen: partnership between importing countries is essential

10/01/2020 Germany should engage in a dialogue with other countries interested in sustainable hydrogen. In an article for the German daily newspaper Tagesspiegel, Raffaele Piria explains that importing countries need to cooperate to send a clear message to prospective hydrogen exporters.

Germany and Korea sign energy partnership

13/12/2019 Germany and Korea want to transform their energy systems and work together on the future of energy policy. In order to strengthen exchange and work better together, the two countries have agreed to establish an energy partnership – adelphi supports the implementation of this decision.

South Korean delegation visits Berlin to learn about energy efficiency initiatives

13/12/2019 South Korea wants to make the energy transition happen and would like to learn from Germany. A South Korean delegation took a study trip to Berlin to learn more. In particular, they gained insight into energy efficiency measures in industry and the building sector.

European City Facility: Call for Country Experts & National Networks

11/12/2019 The soon-to-be-launched European City Facility is looking for Country Experts and National networks of local authorities to support the initiative at national level.

Study trip: Indian bankers rely on German expertise for renewable energies

09/12/2019 India plans to invest more in renewable energies. To prepare as much as possible for the expansion, adelphi organised a study trip across Germany for the State Bank of India on the topic of photovoltaics.

5/6 Dec: The "Water Footprint" at the Science Platform Sustainability 2030

03/12/2019 On 5 and 6 December 2019, the Science Platform Sustainability 2030 will hold to its first annual conference in Berlin. Adelphi’s water team will present the ‘water footprint’ concept as a strategy for the effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).