adelphi promotes professional knowledge exchange on CSR

23/06/2010 The CoSMIC “Global Sustainability Practices - Exposure, Networking and Dialogue Tour” focused on transboundary social responsibility practices and led 13 Indian representatives from industry, the finance sector, and the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development (CESD) to several locations in Europe.

The conflict potential of climate mitigation and adaptation

21/06/2010 As countries and communities take steps to mitigate climate change, they must also assess the possibility that their mitigation and adaptation efforts might cause new security problems.

Successful conference on solar energy in Marocco

18/06/2010 The “Casablanca Forum: Larges-scale Solar Power in MENA – Vision and Reality“ took place on 15-16 June 2010, welcoming around 200 participants to discuss the development of large scale photovoltaic and concentrated solar power in the MENA region.

Consumers have a choice

16/06/2010 Every consumer decision has an impact on the environment – household consumption causes more than 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions in Germany.

Future resource conflicts over lithium and rare earth elements?

14/06/2010 In early June adelphi, together with the Wuppertal Institute, led a scenario workshop on “Lithium and Rare Earth Elements: Opportunities, Risks and Conflicts".

Energy networks in the hospitality industry pay off

11/06/2010 Can hotels improve their energy efficiency by linking in with learning networks? This question was the focus of adelphi’s "Energy networks in the Hospitality Industry" study.

adelphi supports implementation of Brandenburg’s nature conservation legislation

07/06/2010 The new Federal Nature Conservation Act came into force on 1 March 2010. It is based on a new constitutional concept: until now, the framework legislation resulted at the federal level, while the essential design was undertaken through state laws.

Impacts of global climate manipulation

04/06/2010 As part of the conference "Security in Futures - Security in Change", which took place in Turku, Finland, in early June, Irina Comardicea and Achim Maas presented their concept paper on the effects of intentional environmental modifications.

Realising solar visions

02/06/2010 Power from solar plants in the Middle East and Northern Africa is attracting wide attention among decision- makers among international development organisations, financing institutions, and corporations and private sector companies.

Industry energy management systems launched in India

14/05/2010 The two day pilot training that took place in New Delhi was attended by some 20 business representatives from all economic sectors of India.