8.11. Berlin | Expert Forum "More Innovation on Energy-Efficient Products"

NTRI-Auftaktveranstaltung im BMWi

What is the best way to sensitise people to product efficiency? Which innovative approaches reach consumers best? In the Product Efficiency Forum of the National Top Runner Initiative (NTRI), energy experts and designers explore and discuss innovative product ideas.


Electrical appliances shape everyday life in Germany: of the approximately 40 million households, almost all (99%) have a refrigerator, and more than 3 million new refrigerators and freezers are sold every year. This staggering number of new appliances sold every year indicates that there is considerable potential for increasing energy efficiency.

However, despite huge efficiency gains achieved in new appliance equipment in recent years, household electricity consumption in Germany has hardly declined. In view of changing consumer habits, growing use of electrical household products and IT-based applications, it remains a challenge to sensitise users to their electricity consumption and alert them to the potential for using energy efficient products.

The expert forum "More innovation on energy-efficient products" is thus looking for innovative approaches and seeks to discuss them with energy experts and designers. In addition to workshops on current issues relating to product efficiency, the conference will also present the results of an innovation competition for new product ideas that was held as part of the BMWi's National Top Runner Initiative (NTRI).

"More innovation on energy-efficient products"
Product Efficiency Forum of the National Top Runner Initiative (NTRI)
8 November 2018, 12.00 am to 6.00 pm
Location: Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) Scharnhorststraße 34-37, 10115 Berlin (entrance Invalidenstraße 48).

Registration by e-mail konferenz@ntri.de

Programme of the Product Effiency Forum

Due to the limited number of participants, we ask for your understanding that you will only be considered registered if you have received a separate registration confirmation from us by email.

With the National Top Runner Initiative (NTRI), the Federal Government has been implementing a series of activities (initiatives?) since 2016 to strengthen the market infiltration (/permeation) of energy-efficient products and to encourage efficient use of electrically-powered items. This is to be achieved through raising competencies in energy-efficiency along the entire value chain - from appliance manufacturers and retailers to consumers.

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) manages the content and administration of the BMWi's NTRI, while the Federal Agency for Energy Efficiency (BfEE) within BAFA is responsible for operational management. A consortium consisting of Edelman.ergo, the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM), the Wuppertal Institute and the Austrian Energy Agency led by adelphi implements the NTRI on behalf of BAFA. adelphi is responsible for the coordinating activities and project partners.

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