adelphi analyses political instruments for adaptation to climate change in Germany

On behalf of the German Federal Environment Agency, adelphi is analysing the extent to which climate change impacts and adaptation to climate change are already acknowledged in law at the federal level of government, and to what extent they are already anchored in individual ministries' strategies.


Adaptation to climate change is a major, cross-cutting political issue which – in accordance with the German Adaptation Strategy („Deutsche Anpassungsstrategie“ - DAS) – should be anchored into all relevant departmental policy areas and integrated into long-term planning strategies. "Climate Mainstreaming" is just beginning with this process.

Against this backdrop, adelphi was commissioned to analyse the current state of "Climate Mainstreaming" at the federal level. To this end, adelphi will interrogate to what extent effects of climate change and adaptation are already taken into account in legislation at the federal level in Germany, and if they have been integrated into the strategies of individual federal ministries. Alongside a study of literature and other source material, adelphi will also conduct expert interviews with representatives from all federal ministries.

In addition, adelphi will evaluate the implementation status of Action Plan on Adaptation („Aktionsplan Anpassung“). This plan was adopted by the German Federal Government in 2011 and underpins the courses of action named in DAS with concrete activities within full charge of the government. adelphi’s evaluation will be an important part of the federal government’s progress report planned for 2015.

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