adelphi and Trucost establish partnership to tackle supply chain carbon emissions

Combining adelphi’s expertise on environmental management and green public procurement with Trucost’s global environmental impact data, the two companies will support German municipalities in efficiently reducing the carbon footprint associated with their procurement decisions.


A significant challenge in managing supply chain emissions is identifying the procurement areas that offer the most potential for environmental impact reduction. Trucost has spent the last ten years researching, standardising and validating the world’s most comprehensive data on corporate environmental impacts to provide comparable data on suppliers’ environmental performance. Where suppliers do not currently measure or disclose their environmental impacts, Trucost ‘completes the data gaps’ with its advanced environmental profiling model to provide a complete supply chain footprint.

Based on this analysis, adelphi supports municipalities in developing effective strategies for reducing the carbon footprint of their procurement decisions. Taking into account that European public authorities spend about 16% of the EU’s gross domestic product a year for the procurement of goods and services, this may influence production and consumption trends in favour of environmentally friendly and socially responsible products and services on a large scale. To enhance capacities in the private sector for responding effectively to green procurement requirements, adelphi will use its expertise on environmental management to engage with suppliers to reduce the carbon-intensity of their production processes.

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