adelphi commissioned with the further development of the Internet platform

The intensive transfer of technology is an essential requirement for sustainable development. For this purpose, the Internet platform “Cleaner Production Germany” (CPG) plays an important role by providing extensive information about innovative German environmental technologies and easing


The Federal Environment Agency (UBA) has commissioned adelphi to further develop the Internet platform For this purpose, more than 3000 current and completed research projects on integrated environment protection that have been funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) will be evaluated from now until August 2013 for potential release on CPG. Furthermore, critical information about 800 selected projects will be prepared in a user-friendly way and presented to the interested public through the CPG portal.

The Internet portal was launched by the UBA as an instrument of international environmental and development cooperation in order to advance the spread of German technologies in the field of environment protection. Since 2001 those interested can find information on the German and English Internet page about research results in the field of integrated environmental protection. Thus, international interested parties in particular have access to German concepts, methods, and technical solutions, as well as the possibility to find appropriate contact persons.