adelphi examines transferability of German energy efficiency support programmes to India

In view of the increasing demand for energy in India, an “Indo-German Energy Forum” has been established. On behalf of the Forum, adelphi seeks to identify the most effective German support programmes in the industrial and buildings sectors and is examining which of these are transferable to India.


The Indian energy sector is booming, yet the continuous expansion of production capacities is not able to cover the rapidly increasing demand for energy. The Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF), launched by the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, supports cooperation between the two countries and enables an exchange of experiences in the field of energy efficiency. On behalf of the Forum, adelphi is examining the extent to which German support programmes for energy efficiency are transferable to India.

To this end, adelphi is conducting a study in which all German programmes for energy efficiency will be compiled. Using a set of indicators, the programmes will be evaluated according to their effectiveness. The study will also assess which programmes are transferable to an Indian context. Case studies will be prepared for the most suitable programmes to show in detail how they can best be implemented.

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