adelphi to produce Climate Navigator 2.0

The "Climate Navigator" is an online guide providing local authorities and businesses with advice on confronting the consequences of climate change in Germany. adelphi has been commissioned to integrate new findings from both research and practice into a reworked Climate Navigator 2.0.


The first version of the online tool was also developed by adelphi and made available by the Federal Environment Agency in autumn 2012. An important learning experience since then has been that smaller municipalities often lack the financial means and human resources to implement necessary adaptation measures. The updated "Climate Navigator" will therefore focus on smaller and underfinanced cities and communities, and point out ways in which they can develop their own adaptation strategy, even with limited resources. In addition to this and other content, the latest version of the Climate Navigator will also include new interactive features, such as for commenting on individual modules and sharing personal experiences with adaptation strategies. (Link only available in German)