adelphi promotes professional knowledge exchange on CSR

The CoSMIC “Global Sustainability Practices - Exposure, Networking and Dialogue Tour” focused on transboundary social responsibility practices and led 13 Indian representatives from industry, the finance sector, and the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development (CESD) to several locations in Europe.


For more than a week attendees had the opportunity to discuss industrial policies and business strategies for CSR with numerous European experts, including policy makers, business leaders, trade union representatives and researchers. The participants attended the Amsterdam “Global Conference on Sustainability and Transparency” of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), discussed the EU perspective on CSR in Brussels, and the German approach to CSR in Berlin. Moreover they visited the German Ruhr area to learn about that region’s structural changes after the decline in the mining and steel industry, and to discuss the role of companies, government organisations and multi-stakeholder networks in facilitating this change.

After the rich exchanges and experiences gathered, participants felt the need to intensify cooperation and extend the transfer of knowledge and experience on multiple levels. Accordingly, the development of a dialogue-platform and several learning programs is intended, as well as other networks and cooperation possibilities with European partners. adelphi and CESD will accompany and support the projects and further promote the professional knowledge exchange in the field of CSR.