adelphi supports Indian companies in recycling electronic waste

The E-Waste Channel project aims to increase eWaste recycling efficiency, reduce environmental degradation and improve workers health and safety conditions.


The specific objectives focus on the megacities Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Pune, and include creating business associations amongst informal SMEs, enhancing cooperations between the informal and formal sector, and improving environmental and working conditions. The kick-off meeting was organized on the 15th February 2010 at Jor Bagh, New Delhi by GTZ-ASEM. The participants were GTZ, Toxics Link, MAIT and Adelphi Research. The meeting focussed on developing action plans, timelines and responsibilities. The project activities within the four pilot cities will mainly target the bulk e-Waste producer, the informal sector e-Waste collectors and recyclers, and producers of electric and electronic equipment. Additionally, representatives from governmental institutions will be involved to secure a sustainable project success.