adelphi workshop: "Adaptive Approaches to Water Resources Management"

On the 25th of August the Twin2Go seminar ‘Governing Water Wisely: Adaptive Approaches to Water Resources Management’ is taking place at the World Water Week in Stockholm. adelphi and the University of Osnabrück designed the seminar jointly.


The aim of the policy workshop is to share and discuss Twin2Go’s insights on adaptive water resources management and to complement the picture with knowledge and experience of other initiatives. A panel-discussion with policy and decision makers as well as practitioners and researchers will facilitate further exchange of insights from research and practical experience.

Within the Twin2Go project adelphi research and the University of Osnabrück designed the seminar at the Stockholm World Water Week. The Global Water System Project (GWSP), the Global Water Partnership (GWP) and the International Hydrological Programme of the UNESCO (UNESCO-IHP) are co-organisers.