Berlin Energy Days: Innovation workshop "New thinking in heating, cooling, and ventilation

How can I keep warm comfortably and in a climate-friendly way, without my heating bill sending a chill down my spine? At the Berlin Energy Days 2017, the National Top Runner Initiative (NTRI) project team will provide recommendations to consumers on how to heat and cool sustainably and affordably.


Warm and cosy in winter, pleasantly cool in summer – that’s how we’d like to live. But to do so, both we and the climate pay a steep price. Private households devote roughly 70 percent of their entire energy usage to heating, primarily using fossil fuels. We all know many good energy-saving tips. For example, we should air our homes briefly, but intensively, rather than leaving the window cracked open all day, letting the room cool down. Often, however, our need for comfort is more important than saving energy.

You are a consumer, student of a technical or creative field, manufacturer/start-up, retailer, or are simply interested in the topic? You have desires, ideas, and suggestions or would just like to contribute to our being able to keep warm comfortably and in a climate-friendly way, without our heating bills sending a chill down our spines? The event is open to everyone. A diverse group of participants promises the best results.

New and energy-efficient thinking on heating, cooling, and ventilation
Innovation workshop / Berlin Energy Days
Friday, 5 Mai 2017
9:30 AM to 1 PM

VA 5.08, Room B (1st basement level in conference centre), Ludwig-Erhard-Haus der IHK zu Berlin.

Participation in the workshop is free. Please note the conditions for participation. Your data will be handled securely and will not be passed on to third parties.  

Background dialogue series on product-related energy efficiency

The workshop is a part of the innovation dialogue series of the National Top-Runner Initiative (NTRI) by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). You and the other participants have the chance to define your needs and desires in this first step as “challenges”. You don’t need any previous technical knowledge to do so. In the next step, we will seek innovative and energy-efficient solutions online (, a process you’re very welcome to take part in. These solutions will be tailored to meet your needs as a consumer. As part of the NTRI, there is a dialogue series on innovation taking place in 2017, geared toward the topic of product-related energy efficiency. Its goal is to bring manufacturers, consumers, and retailers together to jointly develop new ideas for products and technologies that can lower energy demand in everyday use, consistently reflecting and integrating the needs of users in the process. 

In a first step, a number of innovation workshops are being held on a variety of topics. First, the problems and challenges facing consumers and the first ideas for solving them are being generated. Subsequently, the challenges and ideas are to be developed via the Open Innovation Platform Innonatives into solution sketches and concepts. These will be released and made available to all manufacturers and start-ups for further development.